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It’s a world full of life and magic and mythical creatures that could only be seen and heard through stories and children’s dreams. From dragons, elves, and knights in shining armor to prince charmings and damsels in distress—and even the stray warrior princesses. Of heroes and rewards and fallen warriors and redemptions.

However they are only mere fairy tales, for not every story ends so happily ever agter. War occurs and nightmares may very well become reality. It is a continuous cycle where every single creature is affected in different ways, and they must face the hardship that comes. Sacrifices are made, blood is shed, and loved ones are killed…

Welcome to the_peacemakers
Welcome to the Legend.

Centuries and centuries ago, the main continent, after years of war becomes united as one vast nation by three siblings. The two eldest, the Brothers, evenly ruled the continent with a duel monarchy, aided by the youngest, their Sister. Eventually, the strain of ruling caused feuding between the two Brothers, climaxing into an all-out civil war once again. The Sister, a pacifist at heart, tried to quell the fighting and was exiled in her efforts. In the end, civil war caused the nation to spit into what is now known as Gaea and Terra.

Our Story Begins Now…

The strain between Gaea and Terra continues to this day and the two countries once again find themselves in the brink of war. In an effort to stop the war and reunite the countries, the descendants of the Sister have formed a rebel group, the Peacemakers, meaning to carry out her wish of peace.

As a player, you may choose one of four roles: a rebel member, a friend of the rebels [meaning you support and/or help, but do not official join], or an enemy of the rebels, or even a neutral player. However, in the future, depending on the situation, your position in the war may change at anytime.

The rebels travel and lodge at a certain chain of hotels, which are their checkpoints. Their hotels are located in nearly every city on the main continent. The owners of these hotels are elite members of the group, possibly direct descendants of the Sister. As a rebel, you are given a magical diary, letting you log and connect to all other members. This is their primary system of communication.

As a friend of the rebels, you are most likely a merchant or a craft smith of some sort, aiding them with materials or resources. You, too, are given a magical journal.

As an enemy of the rebels, your position is usually one of a spy working directly for either the governments of Gaea or Terra. You have managed to convince the rebels that you support their cause and are willing to help them, making you, for the time being, one of them.

1. There is no power-playing or god-modding. You cannot control another character’s actions, words, during role-play interactions. When it comes to battles, it will be best to plot with whoever you are role-playing with.

2. Good spelling, punctuation and grammar is a must. Typos do occur; it has happen to all of us and not everyone is perfect. At least check for any spelling or grammatical errors. There is a reason that there is a spell checker in LJ and should be used if necessary. tYPiNg lIkE THiS iS AlsO a1s0 n0t aLL0wed.

3. All players require a character journal. Since this role-play has all original characters, your journal name will go by this format: first name_last initial [Ex: riona_c, bob_s, bugs_b]

4. You are allowed at a maximum of 2 characters. If you can handle it, you may allow to have a third, but that would be your final character.

5. When applying for a character, do not make your character to be some kind of invincible god, all powerful son of a half demon overlord, etc It makes it no fun to those around you. Your character should have some sort of weakness or limit if all possible.

6. Be nice! There is absolutely no reason to verbally attack another person(aka flaming) or an idea or a product (aka bashing). Criticism and suggestions are another matter and are allowed.

If there is a problem you are facing with one of the members, take to the mod or else where. Don’t bring your real life problems with another member(s) into this RP. All OOC-related problems should be settled outside the RP in IM, e-mail, etc. We are trying to make this a peaceful, friendly and fun community for all.

7. All threads and logs should be posted under an lj-cut. There will be a format that marks all threads and logs as followed:

The subject bar should be mark whatever kind of thread/log it is whether it is an action thread, closed log, open log, etc. Adult material is allowed, however it is vital to state the reason why in the warnings whether it is because of violence, sexual situations or language. If you don't know how to use an LJ-Cut, you can go here to where it teaches you how to make one in the LJ FAQ Section.

8. There is also a tag system that you should use. As the role-play progresses, logs and logs build up. To keep track of them and to find logs easier, we use this system. Be sure to add the place and character(s)'s names (first names are fine) and the place they are in. The tag text box is located right blow 'Mood' and 'Music' at the bottom whenever you update/post. A clearer visual and tutorial is found here (courtesy to Mod Tomi/dagger_a).

9. The format is third-person point of view, past tense for role-playing in the communities and logs. Journal entries should be written in first person (unless your character talks in third-person) as well as the comments that follow them. OOC comments on logs, journals, etc should be either be placed in the subject box or the comments should be in parenthesis, brackets, etc.

10. Try and stay active. Post at least once every two weeks. It’s understandable if you can’t for any valid reason. We all have real lives to attend to, so if you have any reason not to post for an extended period of time, then notify the mods and everyone in the OOC community.

11. This RP is yaoi/yuri/het friendly. ♥

12. OOC posts (introductions , absent notices, fanart, etc) should be posted at peacemakers_ooc

13. There is a timeline here that will be used to track all the major events and to keep old and new members updated. (The timeline is in development. Stay tuned)

Your Name/Alias:
Your Age:

Character’s Name:
Character’s Age:
Character’s Gender:
Country/Organization/etc: [Terra, Gaea, Chikyuu, Rebel, Neutral]
Race: [Human, Drow, Leporedean, High Elf, Fairies, etc. Info in Archives]
Occupation: [Ex: Bounty Hunter, Soldier, Serial Killer, Baker, House Wife, Clown, Witch, Stripper, etc ]
Appearance: [You can use an existing character’s appearance (TV show, movie, cartoon, etc), or be original and create your own (by description or pictures that you put under a link). The history must be original. If you use an existing character, please give credit.]
Weapons: [optional]
Abilities/Powers: [optional]
Other Notes: [optional]

3rd Person Sample: [Show us how you will present the character as well as your creativity and skills in writing. Must be at least three average paragraphs.]

Apply Here


Name: Jess/Vu
Journal: lone_child
AIM: icomplicatelove
email: xinner_selfx(at)yahoo{dot}com

Name: Alex
Journal: _scottishgentry
AIM: QueenMarie1793
email: this_fire_is_out_of_control(at)yahoo{dot}com


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[The photograph of Cinderella's Castle is used with permission. Credit goes to Matthew Rydzik (rydzik(at)gmail{dot}com) for the photograph.]