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Posted by raelin_w on 2006.07.08 at 01:13

So you’re interested in applying, since you’ve gotten this far. There are a number of things you may need to know in order to make your character.

Besides the basic information that you are able to make up on your own, there are specific items on the application that you may need extra information on.  Below are links provided that will have the information available for your character and history.  All should self-explanatory.

World Map
Gaea Map and Places
Terra Map and Places
Chikyuu Map and Places

Copy the application below and fill in the needed information.  If there are any questions, ask away below or contact me at xinner_selfx(at)yahoo{dot}com or icomplicatelove on AIM.

There is also a second option.  If you are unable to think of a character to make, you can always choose one from here, where pre-made characters have already been made.   Some of these characters are made from myself, my co-mod and other members.  However it is only basic information (Name, Age, Basic History) and we request that you add on to it (or change, if necessary) to add your own originality to it.  If you want us to reserve one of those pre-made characters, just IM me at icomplicatelove or e-mail me at xinner_selfx(at)yahoo{dot}com ASAP.

IMPORTANT: If you are applying for any character with a prominent role such as a king, prince, commander, villain, etc, then it is highly recommended that you do your application to the best of your abilities.

Also, an AIM sn is vitalGood luck, be creative and have fun!

The Application
Your Name/Alias: (The name we'll call you if we don't call you by your character's name)
Your Journal:  (The journal you use in real life.  If you don't use it or don't have one, don't put it down.  This is only here for contact information purposes.)
Your Age:
AIM SN:  (AIM is vital.)

Character’s Name:  (Provide any nicknames or other aliases)
Character’s Age:
Character’s Gender:
Country/Organization/Allegiance/etc: [Terra, Gaea, Chikyuu, Peacemaker/Rebel, Neutral/Undeciding]
Race: [Look above on Info on Characters]
Occupation: [Ex: Bounty Hunter, Soldier, Serial Killer, Baker, House Wife, Clown, Witch, Stripper, etc ]
Appearance: [You can use an existing character’s appearance (TV show, movie, cartoon, etc), or be original and create your own.  It should either be by a description.  You can also use pictures that should be put under a link, please). The history of your character must be original. If you use an existing character, please disclaim and give credit.  It would also be nice if you can provide who or what your character will be represented by in your character's icon/model/PB.  We would wish it to be a real person (you need your default to be it anyway), but you are not limited to it. ]
Personality:  (How does your character act and think about the world, and the people around him/her.  Try to elaborate, though it doesn't have to be very long.)
Weapons: [optional]
Abilities/Powers: [optional]
Other Notes: [optional]

3rd Person Sample: [Show us how you will present the character as well as your creativity and skills in writing. Must be at least three average paragraphs.]

Application Form


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Raelin Wyatt
raelin_w at 2006-07-09 00:56 (UTC) (Link)

My Application, Also Served as an Example PART ONE

Your Name/Alias: VU~~~!!
Your Age: lone_child
Your Age: 16 ½ years old.
AIM SN: icomplicatelove

Character’s Name: Raelin “Rae” Wyatt
Character’s Age: 24
Character’s Gender: 100% Female
Country/Organization/etc: Living in Terra/Neutral in the War (so far)
Race: Shape-shifter
Occupation: Thief/Bandit/Mercenary
As a young child, Raelin was washed off the shores of southern Chikyuu by a poor, but kind elderly fisherman who lived near by. He found that she had strange abilities that no other creature had and that was the ability to change form into a wild cat and that she had her own cat like reflexes. Despite his age, he adopted her as his own daughter and named her after his own daughter who had passed away long ago--Raelin. He would tell her stories of his life and of tales of the sea and taught her to fish that she became an expert on fishing herself.
However, one morning the elderly fisherman passed away when Raelin was only ten years old, which was a very hard moment, follow by what happen afterwards. She was forced to survive on her own through pick pocketing and stealing in her only ways of survival. Her reflexes speed and grace made her a natural thief allowing her to get away with it as well as escaped from officers. Eventually, she would sneak aboard a ship to Terra across the Madesco Sea and depart at Fortuna City, which was the city of thieves and bandits and make her own reputation there.
Appearance: Her long hair a golden brown and her eyes are golden and almost similar to a feline’s eyes. She’s slender, and not incredibly tall and stands at five foot five inches. Usually she has her hair up into a messy bun or a low ponytail. She wears a headband around her head. [Character Model after Azumi from the movie Azumi/Ueto Aya]
Personality: Somewhat arrogant and sly. She loves a challenge whenever presented. Some may even call her a little sadistic and a little blood thirsty. It’s not entirely easy for her to trust others considering she’s a bandit, though there are a few people that have earned her trust. However there is a gentle side to her, especially if its something that relates to her grandfather such as fishing, singing, etc.
Weapons: Twin daggers usually.
Abilities/Powers: Being a shape-shifter, she is able to talk to animals (mainly felines) and transform into an animal. Though she rarely transforms, she usually would transform into a panther or a cheetah. Even in her true form she has some physical attributes of a feline such as speed, grace and reflexes. Her canine is slightly pointier than those of a regular human’s.
Other Notes: Her favorite food is fish. Go figure.
Raelin Wyatt
raelin_w at 2006-07-09 00:56 (UTC) (Link)

Re: My Application, Also Served as an Example PART TWO

3rd Person Sample:
Leaning on one of the statues by the shadows, she took a glance at the card, which held the target and then eyed the suppose target that was just ten yards away. It was an artifact—a blue vase that dates back centuries ago before the war even occurred.

She scrunched her nose in slight disgust. It was a plain little thing—there was nothing extraordinary about it. These were different than her other jobs and not to mention it was far from challenging. Meaning it was, “Boring. Incredibly so.”

However some rookie thief challenged her—whoever stole the vase first and brought it back to the Bandit’s Inn would win. Not surprising that she had accepted it. She had a reputation to uphold and she wasn’t going to let some newbie take away her title.

While checking her nails, her ears perked when she heard sounds in the distance. They were stealthy (or trying to be, the kid was really obvious to her at least) and she assumed it was the rookie. A smirked slowly appeared on her lips. Just in time.

Taking her other hand out of her pocket and standing straight up, she jumped up to a higher plane and watched.

Out from the shadows, she saw the rookie walked out keeping careful eye from her and the guards. He carefully removed the vase from the pedestal without tripping the alarm. Not bad, she thought. Now let’s kick it up a notch. With simple ease she pushed one of the artifacts beside her and it fell, shattering to pieces on the floor. As predicted, the guards were rushing toward their direction and the boy (now in panic) was now escaping faster than ever.

She could see the desperation on his face and feel his alarm and licked her lips in satisfaction. Taking the chance at his moment of panic, she jumped gracefully in front of him and took the vase out of his hands, “Thanks kid. Good luck with the guards,” with that said, she jumped back up toward the second floor and pushed and opened one of the window, making her grand escape into the night.

He was a kid. They would go easy on him if he got caught. At least she thought they would go easy on him. Oh well, whatever. Too late now, right?
michrure at 2006-07-09 04:41 (UTC) (Link)
Your Name/Alias: Micher
Your Age: 17
AIM SN: Rehcim

Character’s Name: Iva Ambika (Meaning in Hebrew; Zealous child of destruction)
Character’s Age: 28
Character’s Gender: Female
Country/Organization/etc: Gaea / Neutral
Race: Leporedaen
Occupation: Elementalist, Assassin, Local wandering crazy, Homicidal killer

Bio/History: Born in the small home village Laporedaea, Iva grew up as a normal young girl in a seemingly normal environment with a normal life. Her life seemed like everything seemed black and white. Living within the forest and going about day to day completely the same chores. Her life lacked anything out of the ordinary. Though she lived her life as a mere middle class Leporedaean, Iva had a small gift and ability to manipulate the elements. Others in the village had such similar abilities though it seemed to be rare. Spending countless hours by the riverside allowed her to grow on her gift and as she grew into her teen years she became one of the high elemental priestesses of the village.

Soon her mind started to overflow with her powers. Having been such a spoiled only child she wished to have all eyes on her. Moving away from her meager childhood she became a sort of icon within the village. The power and the praise fueled her ego and pride. She began holding a strong grasp on anyone that wished to study under her and refused to be less then perfect. The elders took note of her change of behavior and how the power seemed to be making her fall. One night, she was asked to step down as a priestess. Enraged by their decision Iva lashed out and using her gift of element manipulation ransacked a temple and killed three elders. Ice shards fell from her skin as she escaped into the night and became an official exile of Laporedaea, never to be welcome to the place she once called home.

Appearance: PIC Has long white hair that flows down near her ankles. The fur on her ears is brown and her tail is also brown. She tends to wear cool and cold colors such as dark blues and purples. Her eyes are dark steel blue. Shall be portrayed as Manko from Suicide Girls. And as a Viera from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. Physically she is very weak and fragile looking but she is fast and as any good Leporedaen she can jump very high.

Personality: Iva has split personalities. Outwardly and when she is calm Iva comes off as a simple, calm and collected type of person. She may be lacking in the manners department but when she is in this mode everything comes naturally. Wisdom, grace and elegance. She's is proud and her attitude is cool and almost emotionless. If her rage gets the best of her she switches into another mood much like a raging flood. She looses all sense of reality and destroys as much as she can around her. Forgets about her cool and icy other self and becomes as hot as fire, almost feral in her movements. Anger her and she'll do anything in her power to get what she wants even if she must kill.

Weapons: Two sided, light weight Axe made of Leporedean wood and fabric. The blade is narrow, though it's sharp and easy to maneuver with.
michrure at 2006-07-09 04:42 (UTC) (Link)
Abilities/Powers: Has the gift to control elements to a certain level. By means that she can change waters temperature to freezing and back to a steaming boil with a flick her her wrist. But she cannot create elements. She must use the things around her to manipulate. Currently she is only skilled in fire and water. Cannot do anything with wind or earth. And she has a limit and can exhaust herself easily.

Other Notes: Her goal is to kill nearly everyone of her kind besides herself and start the entire race over in her image. She's hell-bent on destroying the rest of the village if she can get back in as well. She hides all this behind her emotionless cool exterior and tries to manipulate people to get what she wants. Basically she wants to enslave her own race. She'll manipulate, steal, lie and try and get on the good side of the right people to achieve her goal. Major weaknesses are things such as her temper and her frail body. She would rather hide behind brawn instead of physically fight.

3rd Person Sample: Winds blew past and ruffled the leaves from the high tree tops. Green leaves fell from the large oaks. Birds chirped as they flew overhead. A single body stood within the high tree tops. Her long cloud colored hair whipped about her body as she peered down to the ground with narrowed eyes. Feminine, yet clawed hands gripped tightly to a wooden poled weapon. Anger boiled up her throat.

Eyes of dark navy peered down at the bustling little village. Such life was here and such people that refused her of her rightful home and power. Such fools they were. Though this was such a simple branching village of her once called home she still found the sight of it repulsing. How they lived such simpleton lives down below. She would have them and she would have them all. They would no longer bow to the gods they once loved but to her.

A small snicker floated off her lips. Eyes flickered with a dark emotion as she gripped her sharp weapon. Realization would come by the hand of force. With a high leap and push from powerful Leporedean legs she vanished into the trees.
(Deleted comment)
xx_spiffy_xx at 2006-07-09 18:03 (UTC) (Link)

Whooo look at me goooo~

Your Name/Alias: Spiffy
Your Journal: xx_spiffy_xx
Your Age: 15 years, 5 months, and 26 days.

Character’s Name: Kimi Daniens
Character’s Age: 14
Character’s Gender: Female
Country/Organization/etc: Gaea/Peacemaker (though, not by choice)
Race: Human
Occupation: Supposedly a clairvoyant
Imagine seeing the world for the first time. The soft lights radiating from the candles, the warm color of wood that was the ceiling above you, gentle voices soothing and equally gentle faces beaming down on you.

Then imagine seeing your Mother dying.

It was right from her Mother's womb that Kimi had her first premonition. As a baby, what was played before her eyes was as fleeting as the wind. To others, her pale, round, baby face was oddly calm and silent, as she watched what was the first to many to come of her gift. And what she saw was true. Her Mother's dying face that was wet with tears and sweat, her soul desperately hanging onto life, wanting to take care of her daughter that has not yet learned how the world worked. In the end, Kimi never knew the meaning of 'mother'.

Her Father never got over her Mother's death, keeping a good distance between his daughter and himself. However, when it became clear that Kimi was clairvoyant, her Father quickly put her to work. Being a rebel, he was hoping for her to have premonitions that will give them an advantage on their mission. It failed, seeing as the girl's permonitions came as quickly as they went and they were all pretty much useless.

To this day, Kimi does not show any acknowledgment that she had foreseen her Mother's death. However, every night in her sleep, she can still see the tears that were shed and the sadness on the day she was born. And every day, she would tell herself it was just a dream because one day, she was going to find a place in this world.
Small structured and standing at 4'9", this girl is the vision of a doll a little child could carry around. Pale skin, shoulder-length chestnut-colored hair, and big brown eyes. Her hair is usually down, but at times when she's doing some work, she will have it up, just to make sure it doesn't get in her way. Also, she wears clothes that are sometimes (always) too big for her, making her seem even more tinier than she already is. [Undecided on who I want to use yet. D:]
A girl who doesn't know the meaning of war. And also the most shyest person in the world. No, I'm not kidding you. She's reserved, skittish, naive, childish, frightened easily, quiet, and stutters when she talks. So to say, she can be easily bullied into things. However, her determination and stubborness makes up for her many weaknesses...but really, sometimes, that isn't a good thing.
Weapons: Her tears. No. Really.
Abilities/Powers: Really useless (sometimes important!) and random premonitions.
Other Notes: Her Mother being a non-magical healer, Kimi has a lot of knowledge about herbs and medicine, so she's the one to go to when you have a boo-boo. Er. I mean, an injury.
xx_spiffy_xx at 2006-07-09 18:04 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Whooo look at me goooo~

3rd Person Sample:
Kimi loved being outside. The gentle breeze, the warm sun, and the crisp, clean air that surrounded her temporary stay. Though, not to say the air was as silent as she wanted it to be. Murmurs of people selling their goods, whinny of horses impatient in the sun, and laughter from the children running around in the streets. The girl smiled at the peaceful scenary around her, wondering if this small town has been affected by the war at all. There was nothing close to grief or sorrow on their faces. Hardships, maybe, but that was all.

She grunted as she lifted the sack into her arms, toppling over in the process. A few people stopped and stared, some offered help, but she politely declined and again tried to lift the heavy load by herself. The girl wobbled slightly, but slowly regained her balance and made her way through town.

It was a long journey until she reached her destination, gently placing the sack down behind the hotel they were staying at. She tried to breathe through her nose, hoping to get her regular breathing back. In the end, her mouth was forced opened and she gasped for air that her lungs desperately needed. She straightened her back, an arm coming up to use the well she was resting against to pull herself up. Her fingers brushed against the bucket and her eyes snapped to the cloudless, clear blue sky.


It was going to rain tomorrow.
_mudlark at 2006-07-10 00:28 (UTC) (Link)


Your Name/Alias: Jamie
Your Age: Nineteen
AIM SN: hilarosity

Character's Name: Takashita Shijin, however, is known widely as 'Shi' Emblem: " " shi-shi-shi; poetry-test-death.
Character's Age: Nineteen
Character's Gender: Male
Country/Organization/etc: Originally of Chikyuu, now Geia | Neutral
Race: Drow
Occupation: Mage, with various cover-stories.
Bio/History: Born in Benten to one of the most prominent and superstitious guilds in the area, Shijin was heralded as a spirit child from the moment he opened his eyes. Through no fault of his own, Shijin's fate was wrangled from a mixture of Drow superstition and centuries of old folklore that had no place in the modern world, but was easily called forth upon the date of his birth. Born at four o'clock in the morning on April 4th in an abandoned wine cellar, Shijin was already a marked child. The succession of numbers* defined the very essence of the fear of death that the guild had controlled for centuries, and it was no coincidence that the child was born in a rainstorm, with none but a midwife to keep watch and ward the babe from malevolent influence. The Drow that counseled Shijin's mother, a Witch Elf in her own right, did not hide her fear of the pale new creature in its mother's arms--the scythe-like birthmark under his left eye was enough to prove it. She promptly advised that the child be sent to a quick and quiet grave.

Shijin's mother sealed her own fate when she refused the midwife's advice. The scream that lit the damp night was not that of an infant, but the harrowing shriek of a woman's last breath. The Takashita elf named him Shijin--the only hint to his heritage born of destruction.

Were the guild aware of the circumstances of Shijin's birth, he surely would have been killed. As it was, Shijin's mother returned to the family home a week later, showed her son the glory of a strong and proud race, and told anyone who asked that he had been born on the fifth. The guild eyed the child's suspicious marking with hooded eyes, but spoke only of the close encounter with superstition with relief in their voices. Some, however, remained distant.

Shijin's father left his mother when he was four. He grew up in a world of deep magic and the soft caress of a mother's love. Nursed by books and art, Shijin's intelligence was a beacon of tainted life for the Takashita. Amid the dark gaze of the guild's elder mages, he began to master even the most difficult magic techniques as a child of merely five. The guild called him talented--Shijin's mother knew it was much more than that, however, and kept an eye on her special son while he coaxed animals to death and painted masterpieces in ink and sand.

Shijin killed his mother when he was seventeen. It was not out of hate, or love, or a lust for power. It was not for revenge.

The guild would later blame it on fate, once they found that the Witch Elf's death was indeed, not a suicide. It was all in the well drawn-out letter that Shijin left on the kitchen table, glowing softly in the morning sunlight. Fate--it was only a mild condolence of the fact that they didn't know why he had done it. Or, for that matter...how. All they knew was what was in the letter. A death note signed simply, Shi.

A post-script of Life is different, for he who has touched death.

* - 4/4/4, Japanese 'shi/shi/shi,' translated to 'death/death/death.'
Appearance: True to his Drow heritage, Shi is lithe and tall, pale with delicately pointed ears. After defecting from the guild, he's done minor things to change his appearance as to not be easily recognized by other Drow--illusions on his normally darker hair to make it pale, somewhat glamorous additions in makeup to harden the normally soft, somewhat feminine face. The birthmark under his left eye, however, can neither be covered nor illusioned away. [ I will be using Uruha from Gazette for Shi's model. ]
_mudlark at 2006-07-10 00:30 (UTC) (Link)


Personality: Shi's most notable, and perhaps important quality when attempting to understand his character, should be his lack of empathy for other living creatures. Shi is a sociopath that neither understands human emotion, nor feels it. He is neutral to the thought of pain, be it emotional or physical, completely indifferent to the thought of punishment, and therefore does not fear retribution for any of his actions. Shi is also extremely intelligent, giving backbone to his easy evasion of the members of his guild who have been sent after him to make amends for the lives he has taken.

Shi's reasoning skills are rather stunted due to his lack of emotional understanding. He understands the mechanics of living emotion, having lived for nearly seventeen years around the same group of people, but can not understand why he feels nothing. His high intelligence allows him to see ways into manipulating situations to his own will. Completely emotionally cut off, even as a child, Shi kills without regret, remorse, or feeling. Indeed, the reason he kills is in attempt to feel something. He writes off his deep want of understanding of what it means to be alone, and to feel thus, as a quest for no genetic ties and power--intelligence and curiosity as a child led him to read various Drow legends, especially those of the Takashita. Such legends speak of great power in store for the last standing mage of the guild. Shi has no desire for power.

He has no desire for anything but understanding. And he will use anyone in any way that he can, to understand.
Weapons: Katana, though he has never used it outside of practice.
Abilities/Powers: Shi's power as a mage is closely dependant on influence. To be honest, his practical skill is rather low, but he has always been able to fool people into thinking that it is extremely high, as he has mastered the art of illusion and influence. Shi can influence anyone with a mind weaker than his to do practically anything he wishes--it was, in fact, how he killed his mother and various other members of his own guild.
Other Notes: As to Shi's more current history, he has come to Geia to look for his father and several of the more high-end members of his guild--those of which will be more difficult to kill, and therefore are more enticing. He uses various methods of covering his true intentions, and is extremely manipulative, having no problems with using other people for his own benefit.
3rd Person Sample (part uno):
Always, Shi would look back and remember the beginning with a little strangeness. He was always much more reserved after that time, more patient, less vocal. He supposed it was due to the intensity of the moment, the closeness that he felt with his mother even later–after the beginning–that brought out a side he usually attempted to control. Of course, it was good that Shi remembered. Beginnings were important.

“He took it with him.” His mother’s voice was a little surprising. She was calm, amost expecting, and the silence after her words was pregnant. Shi leaned his back on the counter and crossed his arms. Of course his wretched father had taken the knife he'd wanted to use--just for the irony--to kill the woman before him. There was really no need to rush things, though he was looking for a perfect way to orchestrate the movement with time, and though the pendulum on the wall above the family scrolls clicked and tapped out the minutes, the rythm was thrown off by his mother’s erratic breathing, which belied her calm, careful words.
jdgrl47 at 2006-07-10 04:51 (UTC) (Link)

My muses! *points to icon*

Your Name/Alias: Amanda. If I had an alias, I suppose it would be Ant.
Your Age: 16
AIM SN: jdmgrl17

Character's Name: Fata Morgana
Character's Age: 231
Character's Gender: Female
Country/Organization/etc: Comes from Terra. Befriends the rebels.
Race: Faerie
Occupation: Owns a magic shop called The Mystic Soul for the past 75 years. Lends help and supplies to the rebels when needed.

Bio/History: Fata Morgana was born on September 3, 1775. She led a pretty normal life for a faerie. She was raised in an entire Faerie family. Her parents were Hurk and Olivia Morgana, and she had an older brother named Link and a younger sister named Leala. When 156 years old, she inherieted the small magic shop her father had ran for decades, the Mystic Soul. Within her first week of re-opening and moving into the store (there's a small apartment like living space upstairs), a strange elf collapsed inside, on the verge of dying. Being skilled in magics, she helped restore him to health. After he was fully healed, the elf explained the group he was with, the Peacemakers, and the war going on with them and the government. Seeing her skill and her resources, he asked her to join with the Peacemakers. Terrified of war and death, Fata declined, but agreed to help by stocking them with what was nescessary and offering her magics if someone was in need of dire help. Now she helps the cause when she's needed, along with living a normal shopkeeper's life.
Appearance: When in true form, Fata stands at about 6 inches tall. She has pale skin, purple eyes, and white hair with a purple streak that sits on the left side of her face. It runs down to her upper-back. She likes to let it hang down mostly. Her wings are propotionate to the size of her body. They are translucent in color. When in human form, she looks pretty much the same. Her height is about 5"5. And she doesn't have the wings. She appears to be in her early to mid twenties. Her body type is small and slender.
Personality: Although a small person (in both forms), Fata is bursting forth with energy. Very lively, she loves to be around people and to help them. (Hence running a shop.) She's very protective of her friends, family, and store. Fata is loud, giggly, and always expressing her opinion. She does know when to shut up though... usually. Most of the time, you'll find her in human form. While she loves flying and being a mystical creature, sometimes it's easier to walk. However well she may have done in school, she can occasionally be a ditz. When angry, you should stay away at all costs. She gets very bitchy and aggressive. Loves listening to music, reading, and movies. Is generally shy around men except for the occasional burst of confidence.
Weapons: The magic she knows are Fata's main weapon. Mostly, she deals in healing and illusion charms. Also, she is fairly skilled with a dagger.
Abilities/Powers: Being a faerie, she obviously can fly, but only in her faerie form. Her other ability is that she can sense a person's aura. She can tell if a person is honest and good or a rotten scoundrel. However, this power isn't too well honed, so she can be misled.
Other Notes: Has an odd obsession with barbecue corn chips. No one really knows why.
jdgrl47 at 2006-07-10 04:52 (UTC) (Link)

The Sample... The Really Long Sample

3rd Person Sample:

Fata scrubbed her face clean as she prepared herself for work. Her wings flapped lazily as she flew over to the mirror. She nodded in satisfaction at her reflection. "Now... what am I forgetting? Hmmm." Suddenly, the reflection lit up in recognition. "Oh! Right." She blinked, and when she opened her eyes, the reflection suddenly became a lot larger. Fata had transformed herself into human form. "Not trying to work the shop in faerie form. Not after that last time." The now normal looking girl winced as she recalled almost being stepped on repeatedly. Shaking away the bad memories, she walked down the steps to find her shop. After flipping the closed sign to Open, she stood behind the counter. "Another day, another dollar," she sighed lightly to herself. Hopefully, the "rebels" would require her use today. Things were dull in her life other than their appearance from time to time.

Usually, customers didn't stop by the shop until at least an hour after opening. Today proved to be different, as a charming looking man walked in after twenty minutes. Fata smiled to herself. A new face! Should be good- Her train of thought was interrupted by a bad feeling in her gut. As fast as the smile had came, it was replaced by a crestfallen look. Oh. One of them. He was so handsome too. Ah well. Means I'll get some action in today. She got herself ready as she strolled over to her supposed "customer". "Can I help you with anything?" The man looked up, slightly startled. "No, miss. I'll be fine." He flashed her a warm smile and continued to look through the various items. Fata walked back to the register. Maybe I'm wrong again. I mean, I'm not always- Once again, her thoughts were interrupted. This time it was something that caught her eye. Mainly, the man subtly shoving something into his pocket. She wouldn't even had caught it if she wasn't suspecting something like this to happen.

The thief took one more glance around the shop before saying, "Doesn't seem like you have what I need. I'm sorry." Fata shook her head. "It's no trouble at all. Come back anytime." The guy smirked lightly. "You know, I think I will." He headed for the front door. Fata shook her head and blinked. As soon as he stepped outside, she heard a loud bellow. "HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Fata snickered lightly and went to the door. "Something the matter, sir?" "Something the matter?! Look at this! Everything is upside-down!" And true enough, Fata had placed an illusion charm on the man, making him believe the entire world had gone upside-down. Fata chuckled. "You know what's upside-down? When you can't run an honest business without thieves trying to take advantage of you." The man blinked rapidly. "What? How did you-" "Just give me my stuff back." He quickly threw the stolen item to her, a bit awkwardly considering the situation he thought he was in. Fata took a look at the jar in question. "Herb of bitteroot? How cheap are you? This is one of my most inexpensive items!" She shook her head once more and began walking back into the store. "Hey! What about me?" She turned around and crossed her arms. "Oh yeah. Just step forward." He gave her a look that asked 'Are you insane!?' but then took her advice anyway. He fell forward with a loud thump! He scurried away quickly. Fata smiled lightly and walked back into her store. "Well, that was amusing."
Raelin Wyatt
raelin_w at 2006-07-11 03:01 (UTC) (Link)


Your application is APPROVED, Amanda! ^__^b Make your character journal (remember, it must consist of your character's first name_last initial. My own is an example.) and join the_peacemakers and peacemakers_ooc! Welcome aboard!
go_hifreann_lea at 2006-07-10 05:10 (UTC) (Link)

Nate never looks over things, BTW ^^;

Your Name/Alias: Nate
Your Age: 16 minus two days.
AIM SN: dulcet raindance

Character’s Name: Abeni Waeren (Abeni is an African name that mean we asked for her, and behold, we got her. Mich is such an influence.)
Character’s Age: 23
Character’s Gender: female
Country/Organization/etc: Chikyuu, but 'lives' in Aphrodite / rebel
Race: Human
Occupation: AHAHAH. Clown?! Stipper? I’m tempted to say housewife/stripper, but that’s so unlikely. I’ll just go with stripper. When seconds characters are allowed I may go for a pirate. ^^

[note: I am making up a religion, but it can be easily removed if that causes a problem.]
Abeni was born at a time of brief ceasefire between the two warring countries, when the word peace just wasn’t spoken because it was taken for granted. That was the attitude still one prominent in Chikyuu, but one that Abeni had personally never embraced. Her father, a prominent navy commander, began taking her along with him on his ship La Paciferfera after her mother passed on into the afterlife. He had never been as religious as his wife, who had carried the writings of Victusmens with her at all times. He had no time for what he saw as superstitions that only the frightened and the confused truly had need for, and this belief was passed on to his daughter. In her life, all she ever kept with her of the Mens religion was a short prayer for good fortune her mother had taught her. Beyond that, the only god she ever looked to was her father, strong and constant and greater than any storm.

Woman were looked down on in maritime eyes, so rarely were women seen on ships. In fact, her father usually forbade it when he had the authority to. He had never been any good at following his own edicts, though. In any case, she grew up sporting short hair and pants, and she might have gone on as spunky and dirty-mouthed as a sailor had puberty never hit her as hard as it did. Suddenly she had breasts and hips and a biting curiosity. The men played along with her games, their bodies missing the tender form a woman.

Her father turned the blind eye that he felt he inclined to as a parent who still saw his daughter as a child. Until, that is, he caught her with her lips locked with those his lieutenant. It wasn’t the blind kisses of the inexperienced, on either side. His eyes finally were forced to adjust, and he left his daughter in Uzume, where the schooling was mediocre, but more prevalent than it could be on a ship.

It was here Abeni learn the art of movement, what each and every twitch of a muscle could control a person’s attention. She had great rhythm to begin with, and with the wonderful teachers so came across at Uzume, she found there was much, much more to that than dancing. It was about knowing herself, her body in its beautiful entirety, but also about the watcher.

She might have grown better, become a professional, legitimate dancer at Uzume if the news hadn’t come a year after her arrival at the City of Dance. The news of her father’s death. Ships were brought down frequently, and all people in Chikyuu with family or friends in the navy were used to death at sea. At least, they soothed themselves with the thought that their loved one had died surrounded by what they adored. Because, really, all true Chikyuu were born in love with a woman, no matter what their sex: the Sea. The official declaration was that pirates had attacked the ship, but everyone with half a mind knew that as a bare-faced lie. No pirate would dare strike against a Chikyuu naval ship, not unless they were looking for an easy escape from capture in the afterlife. And every blasphemous pirate had the Chikyuu naval flag burnt into their memory, so only the fools would attempt such a thing as attaching a Chikyuu ship.

And no pirate ship could topple the strength of a Chikyuu ship.
go_hifreann_lea at 2006-07-10 05:17 (UTC) (Link)

Part two.

Bio: They had been sailing for Venuz, and there had been word that there had been a sea battle in the Madesco Sea around the time her father’s ship had gone down.

These warring countries didn’t care for neutrality, not when it got in the way of destroy each other. Abeni had grown up with as many stories of the Brothers and Sister as any Chikyuu child had, but the cute little tale didn’t fit with reality. Those peacemakers weren’t doing anything, and the Sister was a failure.

She headed for Aphrodite at the first chance she got. There, she was disappointed at how much harder it was for revenge. It had seemed so simple, so black and white. But now, here she was, and she wasn’t sure who her anger was aimed at. The countries, for having this war and claiming so many lives? Or the rebels, for failing so terribly? Abeni found she needed money rather quickly, and postponed a decision as she found herself a job. It was basically dancing, which she knew she was very talented at...but without clothes. Her pride entangled nastily with this new position at first, but that faded away as she realized how well she could do in this business. After all, they were just looking at her, admiring beauty. How different was her body from a painting or a piece of music?

Time went by and one day she came upon a man. He came twice to the inn where she worked, and the second day he caught her as she left for home. He told her he’d just wanted to see her one last time, with this hungry look in his darken eyes, but she knew she could take care of herself if the situation got…messy, so she played along. He bought her drink after drink after drink until he was spilling his life’s story for her, along with a plethora of drool. He was a peacemaker, and he felt his adventures would impress her. They did, in a way.

It showed her they were trying, but not hard enough. It showed her that she could get information easily as a rebel. She get find names. Particularly the name of whoever had killed her father.

The thing to remember is that Abeni doesn’t care for the cause. She doesn’t care for peace, or the people of either warring country, or the silly fairy tale that was on the tongue of every rebel she ever met. She only wants revenge, the more, the better.

Appearance: I want to use a real person because I love people. I’m in a very Pulp Fiction mood, so I’ll go with Uma Thurman. She’s long, tall, beautiful and never constant. Although normally blonde, those that know her won’t be surprised to see her hair color change suddenly. Her mouth, wide, and can resemble a large, bloody gash on a bad day, and a plump enthralling pair of lips on a good one. Good days came along often. Uma Thurman is Abeni.
Personality: Abeni was always very forceful, and before she grew out her hair, was often taken for a man. Beautiful, but careless with her looks when not working, she had no desire for men. They were wallets and fellow-rebels, but not heroes or objects of longing. Her father being the only man she truly admired, she still grieves for him. But for Abeni, grieving only led to anger, which is where her joining with the rebels came into play. She holds grudges. She’s not good at showing emotions, and while people are usually attracted her because of her looks, they are just as frequently turned off once they attempt to speak to her.
Weapons: She carries as dagger with her, one that had belonged to her father. One of the survivors from the attack on his ship and passed it on to her, knowing that was what he would have wanted. It has a falcon on the hilt, which she likes to run her thumb over to soothe herself. Beyond that, she’s better at fighting with her fists, which she learnt from squabbles with cabinboys.
Abilities/Powers: Being human, none beyond her female intuition (:3) and a particular knowledge about her own body.
(Deleted comment)
hai_neko at 2006-07-10 05:44 (UTC) (Link)

App. 01 - Sorry ahead of time for the spelling mistakes

Your Name/Alias: Liz
Your Journal: hai_neko
Your Age: 18 and close to half
AIM SN: s0undch1ck

Character’s Name: Melpomene “Nyx” Khaos (Ka-hos).
Character’s Age: 21
Character’s Gender: Female
Country/Organization/etc: Gaea now Terra//Rebel
Race: Dark Elf not by choice
Occupation: Witch Elves

Taken away from her high elf parents at a young age, she was brutally tortured by her captors and was made into a slave for their household.

At the age of 7, her masters were murdered by a warrior of another village. Seeing the man as her saviour, she thanked him only to be raped and made into his ‘toy’.

Living in the warrior’s village, she caught the eye of one of the high witch elves when she manipulated fire to coat her dagger unknowingly as she fended off a group of warriors.

Buying her freedom from the warrior, the witch took her in and the coven trained her to become one of them, knowing of her potential and her apparent background that to this day, they haven’t revealed to her.

Giving her the name Nyx, after the goddess of the night, the witches gave her time to adjust to them and let her gain their trust before teaching her the Dark Arts and their way of fighting.
hai_neko at 2006-07-10 05:49 (UTC) (Link)

App. 02

Appearance: Like all elves, she is tall and has pointed ears but her hair sets her apart from the others. Compared to the other Dark Elves, Nyx’s hair is brown instead of black. Her hair is kept short, framing her face to show her uniqueness as a dark elf (More or less, Keira Knightley would be used as the model)

Personality: Because of her experiences, Nyx is an introvert that is close to being labelled heartless. To the villagers, she is mature and a witch that is not to be angered. She is constantly on guard, almost to the point of paranoia, and won’t hesitate to kill anyone who comes within 4 feet of her without her permission. Nyx only shows emotion around other witches and the odd person from the village.

Weapons: Magic, Sword and Crossbow

Abilities/Powers: She is able to read minds, cast spells, hexes and manipulate certain elements. Her sword is coated with poison as is her arrows.

Other Notes: Nyx cannot manipulate minds as others do. It is due to the fact she is really a high elf. She doesn’t know she is a high elf nor does she remember her parents. She vaguely remembers their faces but has chosen to ignore her origins for now.
_scottishgentry at 2006-07-10 22:10 (UTC) (Link)

I've been working on this for three days and I finally finished! <3

Your Name/Alias: Alexandra
Your Journal: _scottishgentry
Your Age: 16
AIM SN: theRIAAsux23

Character’s Name: Anastasia de Wulfe

Character’s Age: 19

Character’s Gender: Female

Country/Organization/etc: Gaea, supporter of the rebels

Race: Human

Occupation: Noblewoman, bachelorette

Bio/History: Anastasia was born into one of the noblest families to ever grace the land of Gaea. She was born on the fifth day of the Winter Solstice. Her family was strongly against Terra and often sent money to the army whenever they broke out into war with Terra. The general of the Gaean army was a good friend of theirs and often brought his family to dinner. Anastasia grew up a relatively happy child. Her parents' marriage was as solid as rock and they showered their only daughter and child with love and affection. Money was never a problem with them obviously and Anastasia got whatever she wanted. One could say she became almost of a spoiled brat. That was why her parents were worried when they were picking out a husband for her. Hell, everyone in the high court was.

They chose the general's oldest son, Michael, to be her betrothed. The parents always knew there was a budding romance between the two ever since they were little. Anastasia was more than happy that she and Michael were to be getting married. The engagement went smoothly until Michael was called to war a few days before their wedding. Anastasia begged the general and her father to do something within their power to stop him from going to the frontline but there was nothing they could do. Michael went to war along with thousands of other young men but never came back. A week later, the general came to the de Wulf's manor to give them the terrible news. Anastasia felt her world collapse around her. The news of Michael's death sent her spiraling into a serious bout of depression. Now, she hated everything that had to do with war.

When the woman became of age to inherit her own money, she refused to do what her parents had done, donating some of it to places that really needed it like hospitals and orphanages. Anastasia moved into her own manor where she lives by herself with her maids, butlers, and memories of Michael. Many men have come to her door, young and aged, to ask for her hand in marriage. But she has turned them all down. She still wears her engagement ring on a chain around her neck and abstains from anything that would seem like betrayal to her love. After the war, Anastasia decided to fully support the rebel group that had appeared after the civil war. She gave her allegience to the Peacemakers in secret. If anyone of the high court knew what she was doing, they would surely put her in jail. They gave her a journal where she was to record everything concerning the silent battle between Terra and Gaea and the rebels. Anastasia hopes that, one day, the world could obtain peace and no more people would die.

Appearance: Anastasia stands at a rare 5' 6'' when she isn't wearing her strappy heels. Her midnight blue hair hangs down to the middle of her back, a few of her bangs hanging in front of her grey eyes. She wears an array of beautiful dresses, some of them having wide skirts and some without. Somehow due to her genes, Anastasia is plagued with breasts that could save a family drowning in the Madesco Sea. Because of this, her lady-in-waiting forces her into a corset but this doesn't work, causing them to be even more noticeable. Anastasia wears heals that are often strapped around her leg, stopping at her knee.
_scottishgentry at 2006-07-10 22:11 (UTC) (Link)

Part 2!

Personality: This young woman has two sides to her personality. She is a kind-hearted person in dealing with children, the old, and the sick. A portion of her money is donated to orphanages and hospitals to better their staff and better the living conditions. But if Anastasia was dealing with the people of the high court such as suitors, other noblewomen, and, often times, that stubborn princess from the capital. She can be manipulative, often using her sexuality to get what she wants but never putting out. Oh, no, no. Anastasia NEVER puts out.

Weapons: Anastasia holds small daggers in a leather strap that's bound to her left thigh. She uses these for protection whenever she travels Gaea and often to Terra when she needs to find out what the rebels have been doing over there. At home, the girl is handy with a bow and arrow and also a somewhat skilled swordswoman.

Abilities/Powers: Her mother has taught her the family's ability to heal with either herbs or magic. Anastasia is more for dealing with medicines than magic so she's kind of rusty with her ability.

Other Notes: Anastasia likes kittens. A little too much. Also, you can tell what kind of mood she's in by what she wears concerning colors, certain accessories, etc.
dnimevisrevbus at 2006-07-11 06:16 (UTC) (Link)

Gah. I put in waaay too much misc. information. x.x Sorry.

Your Name/Alias: Darryl
Your Journal: dnimevisrevbus (I really only use it to apply for rp comms though....)
Your Age: 16
AIM SN: DnimevisrevbusX

Character’s Name: Aaiden Helvetii

Character’s Age: 18

Character’s Gender: Male

Country/Organization/etc: Gaea/Peacemaker

Race: High Elf

Occupation: Scout for the Peacemakers

As a result of the strict upbringing he received from the Helvetii clan, much of Aaiden's early life was chosen for him. The war was of the utmost importance to the Helvetii, so most of their children began to learn certain fighting styles and techniques at around six years of age. Though they didn't actively support either side, they made certain that they themselves would be prepared for an attack.

From the beginning of his training, the strengths and weaknesses of Aaiden's future fighting style could be seen. When he first began to learn about archery as a child, he was consistently at the top of his class. He took lessons in technique to heart the first time they were explained, though over the years he began to discover certain tricks on his own.

However, when they were put into actual combat situations, he panicked. Although he did just fine in the individual practice sessions that were given, the simple concept of sparring with another opponent had him breaking out in a sweat. His instructors pushed him into his first match, thinking that he would get over his fear once the match began. They were wrong, of course.

It took all of his willpower not to run away from that first match, the higher level student was going to kill him at any moment, it had seemed. He didn't scream or drop his weapon (or do anything else even more embarrassing), he simply froze while in the defensive position. His would-be opponent tried to coax him out of it by leaving himself open to several attacks and using slow, easy to parry movements, but Aaiden remained motionless, save the trembling of his arms and legs.

So, Aaiden grew up for most of his life as the coward of his generation, his archery skills eventually brushed off because of his weakness. His parents were only slightly more supportive; they were a source of comfort, but even as a child he understood that they too saw him as a failure.

In an attempt to overcome the label he had been given throughout most of his life, Aaiden left his clan at the age of 16. It was actually easier than he had expected; it may have been only his imagination, but he'd thought he'd seen one of the town guard glance at him as he crept out, before ignoring him completely.

Though he remained on the Gaen continent, Aaiden moved far from the Helvetii settlement in Ouranos, and eventually came to find and join a small group of rebels in Athens.
dnimevisrevbus at 2006-07-11 06:17 (UTC) (Link)
At a glance Aaiden looks just like your stereotypical elf, with pale skin, blue eyes, and slightly pointed ears. His choice of attire sets him apart from the rest of his race, however. Shirking away from traditional elven robes and armor, Aaiden is nearly always seen wearing human-style clothing. Though not incredibly short for a human, Aaiden's meager height of 5'8" makes him one of the shorter males amongst his race. His black hair is another uncommon trait, though it is frequently seen amongst the Helvetii's. [Character model will probably be K from Korea]

One doesn't remain innocent long when fighting in a war, but Aaiden has never managed to get rid of the naive and gullible aspect of his personality. The trait is often seen as 'cute' by others, but he sees it as anything but. Out of battle, several the other younger Peacemakers seem to enjoy pulling pranks on him, most as simple as tricking and swindling him out of a few coins, while occasionally they manage to get him to become the 'lackey' in various petty criminal acts.

As a direct result of his clans influence, he seems to have quite a bit of distrust for the other half of his race, the Drows. For the most part, it came about from He tries not to bring too much attention to the fact, ending conversations with them quickly, and just avoiding them in general. With anyone else, he is a rather soft-spoken person, coming across as a pushover who has very seldom bouts of anger.

Aaiden's primary weapon is a longbow, with the enhanced sight he was fortunate enough to possess helping greatly.

Over the years serving in the Peacemakers, Aaiden was trained to compensate for his strange fear of close range combat. Instead of freezing, he's learned to attempt to find a way out of the situation. If escape is not an option, he'll attempt to fight with a shortsword, though his skill with it is sub-par at best.

Nothing too special, save the extended vision and natural speed and grace found amongst most other High Elves. Unfortunately, he seems to lack the heightened sense of perception and intelligence that many others possess.

Other Notes:
He's horrible at doing magic, all of the training programs that he had been placed in as for a child were quickly scrapped when he couldn't perform the most basic of spells.

Because of his weak abilities in close range, Aaiden was quickly placed as a scout for the Peacemakers. Though he has slowly learned how to maintain his accuracy with a bow on horseback, he prefers to do most of his work on foot. Although he strives to be on guard during missions, Aaiden's gullibility has kept him from taking on the role of a spy or another type of infiltration specialist; spotting traps and ambushes set-up by the enemy is considerably easier for him by comparison.
fourth_esper at 2006-07-12 00:03 (UTC) (Link)

Ladies and Gents.....My App (Part One)

Your Name/Alias: Alex
Your Journal: fourth_esper
Your Age: 16
AIM SN: fourthesper

Character’s Name: Daisuke Nakamura
Character’s Age: 20
Character’s Gender: Male
Country/Organization/etc: Lives in Chikyuu, also a Peacemaker
Race: Human
Occupation: Healer/White Mage
Bio/History: Daisuke's name comes from a word meaning "great help", a name that fits his character quite well. Born into a wealthy merchant family from Terra, he shunned the corruption and ignorance that accompanies wealth, even at the cost of being disowned. Disgusted at the fighting that was a way of life his country, he fled to the island of Chikyuu, where he leads a comfortable, lower middle class life. Often traveling under the guise of a rounin, he despises fighting, doesn't believe in hate, and will gladly offer his healing services to anyone.
Appearance: He appears very short and youthful for his age, often being mistaken for someone much younger. Usually dresses in simple atire, such as cloaks or robes. (Character model is Lazio En Kuldes from Suikoden IV)
Personality: Daisuke is usually cheerful, easygoing person, someone kind enough that others feel very comfortable around him. He's very emotional, and is moved deeply by nearly anything (especially the simple joys of life, and nature). War and violence haunt him deeply enough that he took up the job of a healer. Very contemplative, Daisuke's lifestyle could be considered transcendentalist.
Weapons: none--he is pacifist by nature
Abilities/Powers: He is very skilled at reading and modifying the auras of others, allowing him to judge their current condition, and also help heal them/himself rapidly.

fourth_esper at 2006-07-12 00:04 (UTC) (Link)

Ladies and Gents.....My App (Part Two)

3rd Person Sample:
Many days passed without any violence after the last attack, and Daisuke hoped it would stay that way. However, fate is cruel that way, giving others false hopes which they know to be lies. Daisuke was in his flat lying on the floor, eyes turned towards the ceiling when the news came. When a friend entered the house, he looked up and said, "There's been another battle, hasn't there?" with a pained smile on his face. Not needing a reply to tell him any more, he rose to his feet, and said, "Don't worry, I'll do what I can." Pulling on a cloak, he followed the messenger out into the town.

Upon approaching the clearing where the battle had taken place, Daisuke brushed the hair out of his eyes, and stared in awe at the sea of blood which lay before him. The setting sun was a dark crimson, shedding layers of red light over the battlefield. Bodies and weapons were strewn everywhere in sight, and could be seen within this nightmarish aftermath, a stinging reminder of the inhumanity of mankind. Waves of sorrow sweeping over him, Daisuke staggered, trying to keep himself stable. Even though he'd seen his share of terrible things during his time as a healer, nothing really prepares one for each new horror to come.

Struggling through the sea of bodies, Daisuke heard a shout--someone on this battlefield was alive! Looking around he saw a young soldier, not much older than 15 or 16, covered in battle wounds. Examining him further, Daisuke noticed his aura was incredibly small, meaning he was very close to death. The boy looked at him, and mouthed some words which Daisuke couldn't hear. He spoke to the boy gently, saying, "Don't speak, it'll take too much energy from you. Rest, for I'm here to help." Pressing his hands firmly on the boy's chest, he muttered a short incantation, and forced his aura over to the boy's. Seeing as the boy looked improved, Dasuke helped him up, and helped him brace himself over his friend's arm, with the orders to send him to the hospital. Now that his work was done, Daisuke paid his respects to the deceased and left the field. Quite exhausted from the work, he left for home, his cloak stained with the boy's blood. It was autumn, and the crisp air brushed against his cheeks, doing little to erase the memories as he walked into the crimson sunset.
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-13 02:10 (UTC) (Link)


Your Name/Alias: When in doubt, call me Steph
Your Age: 16
AIM SN: Darkmoon2200

Character’s Name: Kaori Amaya Celeste “Fragrant Night Rain from the Heavens”. She most frequently is referred to as either Lady Kaori Amaya Celeste or simply Amaya
Character’s Age: 39
Character’s Gender: Female
Country/Organization/Allegiance/etc: Terra
Race: Faerie
Occupation: Faerie Seer for the Crown Guard
Bio/History: Kaori Amaya Celeste was born simply Kaori, and was the third child born to Avery (Elf Lord) Imaran of the Sadira Clan. She had and older sister, and older brother, and two younger brothers. By an early age she was infamous for two things; an uncommon interest in mortals, and powerful abilities as a Seer. Her power made her somewhat arrogant and foolhardy, and her freedom to do as and how she pleased as a child made her precocious. Between the two aspects, she grew into a strong willed woman, with a tongue like a blue steel sword and an unhealthy interest in mortals. Though threatened many times for this curiosity, she eventually met a young woman with whom she became extremely close friends. She learned both the staff and the piano from the woman, and from her was introduced to silver. Amaya became obsessed with silver and its beauty. Her father, alerted to Amaya’s continuous travels into mortal lands, worried for her safety and warned her to keep away. Amaya, feeling more like a mortal than a Fae, disobeyed, and found herself banished for all eternity from the lands of the Fae. This devestated her for the longest time, and it was only through the help of her friend and the rest of the village that she recovered. Despite this loss of honor, Amaya did not kill herself, though she has not returned to the form of the Fae since that time, as a punishment to herself. Looking for a way to survive, and repay the village's kindness, Amaya found herself working for the Terran Crown Guard, employed as a Seer to protect the royal family. Every month, she sends some of her pay to the village, and continues to visit often.
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-13 02:11 (UTC) (Link)

Application Part 2

Appearance: Straight silver hair up in buns but it has a tendency to slip out, with amethyst eyes. Though she originally dressed as all Fae did, using nature and natural materials, since her transition to the Crown Guard she has dressed as a human Her outfit is mid-thigh boots, a dress made of amethyst purple on top, and of soft silvery blue underneath. Her sleeves start off the shoulder and are held in place with a plain silver band, are silvery blue down to her fingertips and edged in amethyst. Her wings are iridescent, and considered extremely beautiful even among the Fae.

Personality: A little bit quirky, with a good sense of humor, she has kept her sharp wit and tongue. Her loss off honor weighs her down, but she also finds mortals extremely interesting. She continues to be both arrogant and precocious, and doesn’t always know when to stop. She continues to use word games to her advantage, and finds riddle fascinating. She also has a greedy streak, especially when faced with silver. However, since her banishment, she does not have many close friends, and finds it hard to confide in them. She does have a good heart though, and is working on learning basic healing skills.

Weapons: In human form, she is adept with the staff

Abilities/Powers: She is a seer, with average Elemental Air skills. She is also learning basic healing from a White Mage.

Other Notes: She plays the piano, and like most Fae, has a bewitching voice
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-13 02:12 (UTC) (Link)

Application Part 3

3rd Person Sample:

Amaya sighed roughly, and pulled at the lilac colored ribbons that held her hair up in their typical buns. She ran her finger through the locks, and they fell automatically into straight and ordered locks with uncanny precision. With a practiced movement, she stripped her clothing off and left it in a pile on the floor. Naked, she ambled towards the windows, completely unashamed of her bare body, and opened them, sighing with quiet appreciation when it revealed the capital city. This late a night, almost no one was up except her it seemed.

That made a wry smile pull at her lips, and she stepped on the balcony, confident that no one would see her. The night air was clean and fresh, but she could scent rain on the horizon. Her smile turned more bitter, and she whispered “Goodnight, Papa,” so softly that a person standing next to her would be hard pressed to claim to have heard the words. Ritual completed, Amaya turned, and gracefully stepped back into her room.

Doing so, she caught her eye on her nightstand, where a small mirror rested, beautifully embellished with curls and roses. She ran her fingertips over the mirror’s edge, and stared at it. “I should check the fate lines on more time.” She wrinkled her nose. “But I’d much rather do more interesting things.” To stall, she lifted her silken nightgown off the bed and clothed herself once more.

Frantic knocking further delayed her decision, and she raced to the door, pulling on a loose robe at the same time.

“Yes?” She asked, taking in the panicked runner standing in front of the door. He looked as if he had run all over the castle in the last twenty seconds. As he gaped like a fish, Amaya took the pitcher of water that religiously sat near her bed and poured a glass for the child. “Drink,” she commanded, delicately arching her brow as he gulped it down with the manners of an animal.

“Infirmary!” He managed to gasp out. In half a heartbeat, Amaya figured he’d been running around looking for all those with skills as a Healer however small. And they must be desperate to try ever her. Tying her robe and knotting it, ran out the doorway, hardly noticing the cold stone beneath her heels.

More interesting things it was then.
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