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Opera Night

[Action Thread] Happy Birthday, Kip!

Posted by anastasia_de_w on 2007.03.07 at 11:41


Kip Einbrecher
kip_e at 2007-03-08 02:18 (UTC) (Link)
Kip's eyes widened in surprise, though only one was visible through his fake eyepatch. "No, no, it's lovely." He smirked. "And I'm sure that for you, it's a low-key affair." He squeezed her arm that held his. "I'm far more impressed by our mercenary duo costumes. Ironic, considering neither of us are on the battlefields."

He looked around. "Where are Fata and Rae, I wonder...?"
Lady Anastasia de Wulfe
anastasia_de_w at 2007-03-09 18:54 (UTC) (Link)
She frowned. "I'm sure they got the invitations," she said, looking around as well. Although it took forever and a day to find Raelin to give her that invitation. Anastasia turned to grab a glass of champagne when two other women approached them.

"Splendid party, love!" Sasha shouted happily. Ana's eyes widened at her friend's daring French maid costume as she was hooked on the arm of her butler in equally controversial regalia. She then laughed. "It's barely begun!" Anastasia replied. Mathilde laughed who, as usual, dressed modestly. "Oh, I love your costume, Mathilde," Ana said, feeling the texture of her costume's long sleeve. "Where did you get this fabric?" Mathilde smiled gently. "I saw the women of Chikyuu wearing them while I was on vacation there. I had it imported." Sasha sipped on her champagne. "Make her Her Majesty doesn't throw a fit when she sees the color," she commented. Ana sighed. "It's gold," she said. "I'm sure she has no problem with that." Sasha scoffed before turning to Kip. "Happy birthday, darling!" she exclaimed happily, planting a kiss on both of his cheeks. Mathilde smiled. "Happy birthday."
Fata Morgana
fata_morga at 2007-03-10 02:35 (UTC) (Link)

I know, I know. I'm late. Sorryyy. D:

Fata panted a little, having just rushed to the party. She just got off work. "I liked it so much more when I was my own boss. If old man Hasler gives me any more 'Oh, you're a faerie, shouldn't you be able to do this faster?' crap, my foot is going SO FAR up his ass." She was muttering to herself, attracting the stares of the other guests. Although, that also could have been her costume choice. She blushed a little as she adjusted the jacket. "I can't believe I couldn't find anything else. Stupid last minute invitations." Her eyes scanned the room until her came across a pair of mercednaries, in other words, Ana and Kip. They match. How... wonderful. In a grouchy mood, she walked (not so much a walk, as almost stopming) over to the group. "Before ANY of you, and by that I pretty much mean Kip, say a word, I got the invitation late, I had to dig this up from a play I was in a while ago, and I had nothing else to wear. So... yeah, I'm a fat Nazi. Here." She held out a box quickly wrapped in shiny paper with a note on top that said 'Uh.. Happy birthday? Here. From, Fata.'
Kip Einbrecher
kip_e at 2007-03-10 02:51 (UTC) (Link)
Bemusedly accepting his gift, Kip gave Fata a look. "So you found some excess fat in your store stock? Cow fat, perhaps? Fae transformations are more deft than I imagined." He nudged Ana's side. "A proper salute for the man in uniform," he said, quickly standing to attention. He heard Sasha and Mathilde laugh, which made his smirk widen even more, ignoring the glares of Sasha's butler.

"All jokes aside, dear Fata, I'm flattered that you even showed up." Deus emerged from beneath his scarf. "Chubs and the chump! Chubs and the chump!" Kip scowled. "Quiet, you."
Fata Morgana
fata_morga at 2007-03-10 19:54 (UTC) (Link)
"If this wasn't your birthday, I'd SO smack you right now." Fata paused, with a mock thoughtful look on her face. "You know what?" She quickly smacked Kip upside the head anyway. "I don't care." Her eyes widened when she saw the bird pop out of Kip's scarf. Or the red rat with wings, as she had dubbed him. "You..." A week of Deus pooping all over her things, squawking inapporpiate things at her, and generally making her life a merry hell was not forgotten. She turned to Kip. "I still can't believe you kept him. He's a devil. A... dirty, stinky, rude devil."

Quite suddenly, Fata dropped her attitude. It might have been the the glasses of wine that were just carried over. It might have been the attractive waiter who was holding the glasses. Who knows? But she grabbed a glass, took a long gulp, and smiled. "I've just decided I'm being a jerk. No more of that. Happy times, happy times." She took another sip. "But... yeah, happy birthday. I... hope... it's nice." She finished the glass. Now that wasn't so terrible... Oh, I'm tingly. Mm. Wine. "Hey, how old are you anyway? You look like you're young." She slowly raised her finger and poked his cheek. "You're not droopy or anything."
Kip Einbrecher
kip_e at 2007-03-10 20:15 (UTC) (Link)
Kip quickly adjusted his hat, twirling the long braid of his hair around his neck. A kindly old enchanter had offered to change it for a small fee rather than the overpriced wigs he had been looking at with Ana. Deus gave a screech that sounded strangely similar to a laugh. "Oddly enough, I owe him my life, so I haven't cooked him," Kip sighed.

He then frowned. If Fae got intoxicated (or "blotto" as his mother called it) this easily, it was a wonder that they didn't outnumber humans, or at least single human mothers. "I'm twenty four," he answered slowly. "Still quite aways behind you." Fata's behavior would've been queer even when she was in her normal, in other words, female form, but Kip was slightly more unnerved by a corpulent man of short stature and possessing an eerie countenance squeezing his cheeks than a woman doing so.
Lady Anastasia de Wulfe
anastasia_de_w at 2007-03-11 18:01 (UTC) (Link)
Anastasia laughed along with Sasha and Mathilde. "You've picked quite a keeper there, Ana," Sasha said, moving her fan in front of her face. Ana's smile faultered slightly. "Yeah...I have..." she replied softly.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Elizabeth were not too far off. He sipped his champagne, looking at Lady Sasha. "I'd like to stick my Mauser in that," he said. Elizabeth, who had been carrying a just-emptied dessert tray, hit him over the head with it. "Say something like that again and you won't be sticking your Mauser in anything tonight!" she shouted. "Now, get the cake. Everyone's here." He grumbled as he went off to the kitchen.
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