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Purple Smile

[Closed Log] Simple Times

Posted by raelin_w on 2007.03.01 at 20:21
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Who: Raelin and Lily
What: First meeting. They talk about the world.
When: Today
Where: Arale
Warnings: No editing and color coding this time >_>

Security had tightened up everywhere, much to Rae’s annoyance, especially after the official declaration of war between the two countries. It was only a little harder (for her at least) to get through places and checkpoints; however, it was bothersome than fun.

As she walked through the small town of Arale looking for a decent place to eat, she noticed all sorts of people around her. Despite the fact there was an attack by the Terrans about four and a half months ago, it still had yet to fully recover. People were still rebuilding the damaged, but all in all, everything was starting to get better.

“Maybe I should just go hunting for food?” she quietly said to herself.

The streets, despite the beginning signs of clean-up, were littered with homeless children and people, most notably ones sitting on the sides with injuries, bruises, and major wounds. The only nearby infirmary seemed to be overcrowded with those living, dying, and dead. Doctors, religious holy men and a few healers were running all through the small makeshift care house (or what was left of one), trying to help anyone in need.

One such healer was outside on her own, her simple blue and white dress stained with blood and dirt from her care of the people. She pushed a stray piece of brown hair out of her eyes as she knelt beside an injured man. Her hands, placed evenly above the man's open and bloody chest, were glowing a faint light. Within moments, his wound was being piece together, and soon all that remained of his injury was a tattered and bloody shirt. The man sat up and gratefully shook her hand.

The young woman smiled kindly and helped him stand. Once she was sure he was alright, she let him go and she went to her next patient, a little boy with a head injury. She reached into the small bag at her side and gave him a small piece of bread. He gratefully began munching on it while she touched his head only lightly and began to heal him. He too was soon fine, and he wrapped his arms around her neck happily. His mother, standing behind him, was crying. She in turn gave the young girl a hug. "Thank you, Lily," she said.

"Of course. Anything to help Nathaniel," the girl replied with a smile. She gave the boy back to his mother and watched them walk away with a smile.

She immediately sensed magic used near by—healing magic. Turning her head, she noticed a girl using white magic. She watched the girl heal the man and raised an eyebrow at it. Though there were humans who used magic, it wasn’t like her.

Rae was never one to deal with magic—offensive or healing. She usually liked to do things by hand, but that was just her style.

“Hm,” she said to her as she walked over, “Impressive. Where did you learn to do that?”

Lily turned around and looked to the woman who was talking. She quickly ran her eyes up and down Rae's form, trying to assess whether she was friend or foe. Unsure, she decided to answer anyway. "I just sort of...picked it up," Lily said. "I'm the only one from my village who can do it." She smiled kindly. "Welcome to Arale. Your clean cut says that you weren't here at the time of the Terra attack." She glanced around. "It's still a little...broken.”

Picked it up? You couldn’t pick up healing like that. But what did that matter to Rae?

“Thanks. And yeah, you can say that. It was four months ago, right?” she questioned with a casual shrug as she eyed the area. “And I just arrived here. Security’s real tight. Anyway, you know a decent place to eat around here? I’ve only been here a couple times myself, but not long.”

"I haven't been here too long, myself. But, it seems like soldiers are still around in the woods, since these people are hurt," Lily replied. "I've been traveling - I thought I'd stop in and help." She looked around. "Well...as for eating..." She pointed a little ways down the street. "There's a pub called the 'Spotted Boar'. It has good food and, according to the men around here, good liquor."

“Sweet!” she replied and immediately gave a small grin, licking her canines, which were a little sharper than normal. Food. Alcohol. A great combination (though it’s not like she got drunk easily anyway). What could be better combination on an empty stomach?

“Thanks for the tid bit,” she told her before she starting heading toward the direction she pointed. A second later, she stopped and turned around to the girl, “You wanna join me?”

Did she just say 'sweet'? Lily had never heard such things, but then again, her village was always strict. Things were certainly different outside of her little home.

"Uh...Alright, sure. That sounds like fun," Lily replied a little slowly. It didn't seem like there was anyone who needed her attention now anyway...

“All right then. Oh, the name’s Rae by the way,” she introduced herself before turning around.

She headed down the street, assuming that the girl stilled followed her until they saw a large sign with the words ‘Spotted Boar’. On the side was a man hammering a hanging sign of the pub. He greeted them and Rae gave him a small greeting back before she pushed in the doors into the pub.

It wasn’t as rowdy as usual pubs were, but that was obvious from the recent condition. There were some guys and girls scattered around the tables eating and socializing and there was a man behind the counter, wiping a glass with a towel.

“Just the Special,” she merely replied as she took her seat.

Lily walked behind Rae, just a few paces behind, as though she were some servant or poor wife of a rich man. As she entered the pub and sat beside Rae, she saw many people glancing over at them. She shyly turned to the bartender. "I'll have the usual, please," she said to the man. She looked at Rae and quietly said, "My name is Lily."

“Lily. Right,” Rae nodded, though she couldn’t help but think she was one of those introverted shy girls that are seen more often. It must have been the society that all females live in. Though she could be worst. She could Ana. Or Kip.

Did she think that? Oh well.

After ordering a mug of liquor, she asked the girl, “So where are you from?”

Lily looked away for a moment, gathering her thoughts. Could she trust this person? Maybe, maybe not, but so far, nothing seemed evil about this woman. Oh well, maybe it was just nerves.

"I come from Niobe," she said. "My people are not very magical, despite our statue." She smiled at her. "I'm one of the few exceptions, probably because my parents aren't from Niobe. I don't know where they were from...I never knew them." Her eyes lost a bit of bright luster, but she quickly change the subject. "What about you? Where are you from?" she asked.

“Me?” Rae raised her head lazily. “Well, I’m originally from Chikyuu in the south.” It was probably best not to state that she currently lived in Terran city of Fortuna (or she did before, depending how the conditions in the city goes).

“Am an orphan myself—or was since I’m not a kid anymore,” she explained as she took a sip of her drink. Turning, she gave a friendly smile, “I travel a lot though.”

"Oh, that's interesting," Lily said. "I'm just starting out on travels...I'm kind of new to it. It seems like there's a lot of orphans now because of all of the fighting and bloodshed." She looked sad. "It's terrible...watching little children lose their parents, and family members lose little ones every day." She looked back at her. "What do you do, you know, for a living?"

Truth be told, Rae wasn’t much for caring because she grown accustom to it. This was war. This was survival of the fittest. That was the kind of life she began to live by ever since she lost her own grandfather. But that doesn’t mean that she couldn’t sympathize with them. It could be pretty lonely.

“I do some business for friends and stuff,” she shrugged, but she didn’t really specify on her nightly rounds of stealing.

"That's good," Lily said. "It's hard to get a job around here. I usually just pick up a few coins from healing, and a bit more when I sell some of my artwork. Unfortunately, art can't help in war. So, I practice my skills and give a bit of a show to people, should I be in a populated area," she said.

“You could probably get some more if you worked for the med-service in the military or something with that skill you got there going,” Rae suggested, but her attention as soon diverted as she smelled food headed their way. It was about time.

“Special for you, miss and the usual for you, miss,” the bald little man said, his customer-friendly smile on his face as he set their meals in front of them, “Enjoy.”

"Thank you," Lily said as the man walked away. She turned back to Rae. "I really...really don't like fighting. I mean, I want to help, but I can't help but feel like there's something more out there for me. And I'm kind of afraid that I'll die out there and never find out what that thing is." She smiled. "I'm sorry, I probably sound like a fool to you. But, I'm not really strong. I wish I was, but I'm not. Others fight for me, when I need to."

After sticking a piece of steak in her mouth (which she forget the guy to cook it medium rare—he cooked it well done), she chewed and swallowed before speaking, “Just because you’re in the military, and it doesn’t mean you have to fight. Either way, if you were out there was some kind of med, you’ll probably won’t be thinking about your own life. But I’ve never been in the military, so how would I know,” she shrugged again before sticking another piece of steak in her mouth.

“And don’t angst,” she said, slightly aggravated at her self-esteem, “Sheesh, strength isn’t everything. It helps, but it’s not everything. Not many have that healing thing you do. I’m sure that you’ll be worth a lot just because of that.”

Lily smiled kindly. "Thank you, that was very kind of you to say." She took a bite of her dinner. "I still don't know...Maybe it would be a good idea for me to do, since I can heal, and so many people die a day..." She seemed to drift into her own reverie for a moment, but quickly snapped out of it and looked back to Rae. "Still...I'd like to see a bit of the world first. You've traveled, right? How is it out there?"

“How is it?” she repeated the questioned. She never really thought about it before herself, for she didn’t have a particular reason to travel. She just did though. Though there were some occasions, where there were reasons

“Never really thought about it. It’s okay, I guess,” she answered, somewhat unsure, “It really depends on the person maybe.”

Okay? That's not the answer she wanted to hear, after all this time listening to the stories people would tell.

"Okay?" Lily asked. "I see...Where all have you been to?"

She wanted to know more? Raelin wasn’t really in the mood to share her life stories and travels so much at the moment.

“All over the place,” she generalized to start, “Been in nearly every single city and town in all three continents. Fortuna City, Venuz, Aphrodite, here, Hera, Izanami, Suijin. You get the idea.”

"Wow!" Lily exclaimed. She realized how loud she had been and she quietly added, "That's a lot of places..." She finished up her food and asked their server for the bill. "I'll pay. Thank you for inviting me to dinner and sharing what you know." She smiled. "I think I might just try to help the wounded soldiers now. It's better than just waiting for problems to happen."

“No problem,” she replied and nodded toward the girl, “And thanks too.” For paying the meal. Rae wasn’t going to bother to go against it. Take every free meal you can whenever you have the chance.

After popping the last piece of food into her mother, she dropped the fork onto her plate and said one last thing, “Good luck.”

Lily pulled out the coins she needed and laid them on the table. She looked up at Rae's words and smiled. "Good luck to you too, Rae. Maybe we'll meet again along the road."

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