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Surprised // Idea

[Action Thread] I'd trade it all to have you all here with me

Posted by prince_theo on 2007.03.30 at 15:28
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Dark New Day - Brother
Who: Prince Theodore and Princess Floretta
What: A walk in the garden with two close siblings
Where: The Gaia castle gardens
When: Early Afternoon
Warnings: TBA.

The little brunette prince held the hand of one of his hand maids. The kindly maid took him to the entrance of the gardens and that was were he asked her politely to leave him to wait for his sister. Although he had the entire castle memorized easily and could probably navigate it easily himself the maids usually accompanied him anyway just in case should he fall. As helpless as that made him at times he did not mind, the maids always told him good stories.

Theodore sat down on a chair that was near the door and carefully let his fingers blindly touch at the wood and expensive fabric. It felt smooth under his fingers. Theodore waited for his sister patiently.

The prince adored his sister very much. Despite what feelings he knew his mother had, he loved her dearly and no matter the choices she picked Theodore understood. Whiter it be his age that left him so naïve, he did not know, but he did want to hear what his sister had to say. Alongside his sister he loved his mother so very much as well so at times like this Theodore couldn’t help but feel a little bit like he was in the middle.


princess_retta at 2007-04-04 01:33 (UTC) (Link)
Floretta took the steps down two at a time, nearly killing herself when her heels slipped. Grabbing the rail for support, she continued her race towards the entrance of the gardens. She was relieved to see her younger brother standly at the mouth of the greenery without and prying eyes and ears. She tucked a loose curl behind her ears.

"Teddy," she sighed happily, and eveloped her sibling an a hug. Floretta inhaled deeply, finding comfort in the soft floral scent that came from his soap. She held him and armlength away, taking in his worn features. "How are you, angel mine? I'm sorry I was gone so long. Did everyone treat you all right?"

Floretta brushed away a stray strand of hair from Theodore's face. "I'm also very sorry that I haven't had a moment to spare since I came back either," she whispered.
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